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We are a Software Development and UX/UI Design company that helped design, build, launch, and scale 300+ web & mobile applications in the last 10 years. Following an Agile approach, we are committed to creating innovative digital products from scratch or assisting your team remotely.

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At Imaginary Cloud, we believe technology should improve and simplify people's lives, that is why our mission is to create seamless technology.

Our purpose is to champion a human-centric world, that is why we put our people first, always. You can expect a respectful and caring culture, where you can grow and learn in a flexible work environment.
Tiago Franco, CEO & Founder @ ImaginaryCloud
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Case Study


We have created a new ecommerce platform for TravelWifi to propel their growth and support the launch of multiple products and languages.
Imaginary Cloud's TravelWifi case study: We have created a new e-commerce platform for TravelWifi to propel their growth and support the launch of multiple products and languages.
I'm impressed with their very deep expertise, transparency, and very talented people. They helped us achieve the growth goals we set at the beginning of the project.
Simone Rigoni, CEO of TravelWifi
TravelWifi increased time on site after Imaginary Cloud's help
Become #1 In The Travel WiFi Market
TravelWifi improved their conversions by 80% after Imaginary Cloud's help
Improved by 80%
Time on Site
TravelWifi want's to become #1 in the market and Imaginary Cloud helped on that.

Focused on improving people’s lives

As a team, we share common values that we believe make us different. Having a great environment allows us to deliver outstanding digital products while enjoying our journey to the fullest.
Imaginary Cloud core values - respect and care

respect and care

We deeply respect people's individuality and their beliefs. We grant autonomy and accountability to those who genuinely care about our overall success.
Imaginary Cloud's values: learning is never over

Learning is never over

The Tech Industry is rapidly and constantly changing; that’s why we are always seeking ways to improve our skills and grow our knowledge.
Imaginary Cloud's values: mindful creativity

Mindful creativity

We believe that in-depth industry knowledge allows us to identify what is missing and push innovation further by adding extra valuable insights.
Imaginary Cloud's values: excellence through collaboration and empowerment

Excellence through collaboration and empowerment

We believe that combining individual skills to work as a team brings greater results. Full potential is leveraged through empowerment and collaboration.
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We are proud of our incredible journey and to be recognized as a trustfully awarded company. Get to know a little more about our path.

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Imaginary Cloud office in Coimbra
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Get to know Imaginary Cloud's clients