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Working here, you'll be empowered at every level to do your very best work. Because people matter.
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We have been awarded Best Workplace in Europe, Best Quality of Life and #2 Best Workplace in Portugal.
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We're human-centric.

Our culture inspires and engages people so they can grow. And when people are at their best, they do their best.

At Imaginary Cloud, we do things differently than other companies. We value the human factor because we know that when you succeed, you'll make Imaginary Cloud grow. So we hire the best and offer them the resources they need to thrive. This way, we succeed in living up to our vision to become the leading company and employer championing a human-centric world.

What does it mean to be human-centric?

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How does it feel to be part of Imaginary Cloud?

Living up to what matters most to us: support and transparency, fitting in, and growth. They drive our passion for making an impact and building something great.

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What does it mean to be human-centric?

Join a company where you belong
Want to be surrounded by genuine mutual respect, positive energy, and empowering opportunities? Here we believe careers should be rewarding and fulfilling. And we want you to succeed so we promote teamwork and support each other's success. That's why we're building a company where people are rewarded for their work and have fun.
Shared Purpose
Imaginary Cloud is a place where learning is never over. We want you to be successful and confident in your career to focus on what matters most. But be prepared to be challenged every day. And we're always looking for ways to improve and we strive to make seamless technology.
Make an iMpact with Imaginary Cloud
You'll be part of a team dedicated to making the world a better place through technology. You'll have an impact by developing and delivering innovative technology and solutions so that people can focus on what matters most.

How does it feel

to be part of Imaginary Cloud?

Living up to what matters most to us: support and transparency, fitting in, and growing. They drive our passion for making an impact and building something great.

The company is transparent about salaries and performance expectations, so you know where you are and where you can go. We have a career development plan that helps you progress, and we all know the company's goals and strategies. Our management team meets with us to give biannual performance feedback, and promotions are automatic if you hit the targets, helping you establish and reach your next milestone. All you have to do is bring your best game to the table.
We've got your back. Our People Experience Partners meet with you monthly to listen to your concerns, support you, and ensure you know you can evolve and be proud of your work. Your feedback helps us improve as a team. And when your workplace recognises your successes, you'll never want to leave. And we're always celebrating together as a community, so we've got lots to look forward to!
We love what we do and how we help our clients build the future. We are remote-first, allowing people to work from wherever they need to, and we want to help you balance work with your other goals. And we promote flexible work schedules and hate overtime. In exchange, we want you to be passionate about your work, dedicated, and autonomous and will go above and beyond to help us succeed.
We work with dozens of new clients yearly so that you can apply your skills across different industries and never get bored. And our career plan rewards ongoing development. You're constantly learning through sharing and learning sessions. We're always innovative and hard-working - so if that sounds like you, join us!

We're more than just work.

We want you to feel comfortable here.
Get the best out of your potential with our benefits

fair compensation

You get rewarded based on experience and performance based on our salary policy, which is transparent and in line with the industry.

Paid sick days

Getting sick is bad. But let's make it a little better. We cover the first three sick days a year.

Health & Dental insurance

You deserve the best conditions if you feel under the weather.

Comfort budget

We make our Imaginarees’ life easier by granting an annual budget to earn goods/services that boost their performance.
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what you get

remote first

Working from home or the office is up to you.

international projects

Get your hands on projects for innovative companies around the world.

flexible working hours

Adapt the schedule to your daily routine.

teams events

Together, we grow. Let's share our knowledge and celebrate collectively.

career plan

We offer a permanent contract, direct mentoring with monthly one-on-ones, and performance appraisals for continuous feedback.

informal environment

We are more creative and productive in a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere.

what you will be working on

Our work improves and simplifies people's lives through technology. This belief guides our efforts and defines our culture. Our day-to-day tasks include development, problem-solving, architecture, management, and human interaction, as required to develop successful products. We also work with international clients from different industries, which is a dynamic and rewarding experience that allows you to grow personally and professionally.

How we work

we'll take care of you from day one

From the moment you join Imaginary Cloud, we want to ensure you have all the tools you need to succeed. So during the onboarding process, we want you to get familiar with our tech stack and processes. We also pair each Imaginaree with a People Experience Partner who provides professional and personal guidance along with helping you define your future career goals.

No human is an island

Once you're up to speed, you'll be part of a like-minded people squad. The team can assist you in resolving daily concerns, prioritising activities, and tracking project progress. Since this is an Agile team, we'll develop a strategy to solve issues collectively and ensure everyone gets the help they need to stay productive!

In ownership we trust

We’re dedicated to empowering people to bring their A-game. Responsibility is a small step for our work but a giant leap for overall success. It’s an essential piece that leads to awe-inspiring accomplishments. Here, opportunities arise each day to demonstrate your potential further and leave an incredible impact.

Achieve greatness

Our Management and People Experience Partners evaluate our performance biannually to maximise our potential. During this time we do a self-assessment of the last 6 months and we receive feedback about our progress. So we'll work together to make sure we succeed every review period and aim for the sky!

Work hard, party harder

Imaginarees are always ready to mingle and have a good time. We know that we work to live and that making the most of every moment is important. Every month, we look for new experiences, learnings, and great people to share them with. And twice a year, we get together and explore new places to express our gratitude and celebrate the amazing people we have here in our team!

Hear it from the team

“Imaginary Cloud has been part of my life for a long time, and I'm proud of what we have achieved together. Its great environment and this amazing team have been the perfect conditions to grow as a developer and person."
André Santos, Developer
"Imaginary Cloud has given me the freedom and confidence to develop my work throughout my time here. With all the projects I have been involved in, I have undoubtedly grown as a designer and as a person. Here my opinions matter and I can have an impact on my day-to-day work with both the team and the clients."
Sofia Gomes, Product Designer
" As my first job, Imaginary Cloud allowed me to learn more while developing new tech skills. With a supportive team and a great work environment, I grew as a web developer and can now help bring unique products to life! "
Patrícia Silva, Developer
"It has been a wonderful experience! Joining the team allowed me to develop my skills further and learn new ones. Being surrounded by incredible professionals always ready to help me move forward is what makes Imaginary Cloud a great workplace! "
Filipe Jesus, Developer